LG G4 Review

Buy from Hitec Mobile With its lightning-quick processor, big and bright display, and 16-megapixel camera that can shoot both JPEG and raw file formats, it’s easy to see how the LG G4 is a stellar device. It’s also one of the most enjoyable LG handsets to use thanks to its interface’s welcomed facelift, and has […]

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Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Buy From Courts The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is the Ferrari to the Samsung Galaxy S6’s BMW, the Chanel handbag to the S6’s Coach. OK, so maybe the differences aren’t that extreme, but you get the point. The S6 Edge earns its right to be called the designer version of the S6, and you’ll pay […]

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Samsung Galaxy S6 Review

Buy From Courts The Samsung Galaxy S6 leaves much of its Galaxy S5 DNA behind. Perhaps even more shocking than this materials about-face are the decisions to seal in the battery and leave out a microSD card slot, both choices made in service to staying slim. These are commonplace omissions in the smartphone sphere, but […]

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