Religion – Knowledge, Belief and Opinion

The TOK prompt I have selected for my IB1 is: “How can we distinguish between knowledge, belief and opinion?”. This exhibition explores this prompt by evaluating aspects of knowledge and religion, and, in detail, the various perspectives and panoramas influencing the ideas of knowledge, belief and opinion. Nowadays, religion is interpreted in several different ways, […]

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Pokémon Go – Beginning of a New Era

Pokémon Go, a new Augmented Reality game, has won hearts of the millions across the world. Here is all you want to know. Augmented Reality or Mixed Reality is what the tech-enthusiasts see as the way forward for communication and computing technologies. Microsoft, the tech giant, has been betting big time on the technology through their […]

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European Experience 2015

Family holidays are always fun, especially if its in Europe:) We were looking forward to having some good time together. This one was going to be special for it was our first holiday outside Asia.

Initially, we started with Swiss and Italy holidays, but later added France and Spain. A perfect Itinerary was prepared, courtesy Shraddha & Shree! Tickets were booked, Hotels and apartments were reserved, train passes were bought, reservation were made and we were all ready!

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