Samsung Galaxy S8 Review

Phones have evolved, providing better productivity, endless entertainment and the way it feels in your hand. The ergonomic design, crispness of the screen and ease of use. Samsung started a revolution when they introduced Galaxy Note series with large screens. Larger screens improved productivity and entertainment value, but at the cost of comfort. Large screen […]

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Samsung Gear S2 Classic Review

Finally there is a chic watch that one would want to buy. It doesn’t look out of this world or time but offers enough to be your tech-partner throughout the day and night. Yes, Samsung’s latest take on smart watch is an admirable one, after launching 6 different types phone, experimenting with their sizes, screen format, software […]

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MWC2016 Spain

Top Phones at Mobile World Congress 2016

Mobile World Congress kicked off last Saturday, 20th Feb, at Barcelona, Spain. Official dates are from Mon, 21st Feb to Thu, 25th Feb. Like every year, we expect fascinating mobile tech during this 5 day festival. So far, Samsung’s Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge phones, LG with brilliant G5 and HP’s Elite X3 impressed mobile enthusiasts. Below […]

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Galaxy Note 5 & Galaxy S6 Edge+

Samsung’s new Galaxy handsets, the Note 5 and the S6 Edge+ will roll out globally on August 21, and while both devices look similar, both bring in few improvements primarily in Hardware. Both phones are reported to have a higher capacity battery, more RAM and a bigger display at 5.7 inches, against S6 & S6 […]

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Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Buy From Courts The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is the Ferrari to the Samsung Galaxy S6’s BMW, the Chanel handbag to the S6’s Coach. OK, so maybe the differences aren’t that extreme, but you get the point. The S6 Edge earns its right to be called the designer version of the S6, and you’ll pay […]

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Samsung Galaxy S6 Review

Buy From Courts The Samsung Galaxy S6 leaves much of its Galaxy S5 DNA behind. Perhaps even more shocking than this materials about-face are the decisions to seal in the battery and leave out a microSD card slot, both choices made in service to staying slim. These are commonplace omissions in the smartphone sphere, but […]

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